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Fiona Fung (Traditional Chinese 馮曦妤; Simplified Chinese 冯曦妤; born December 14, 1983), also known as Fung Hei-yu, is a Cantopop singer-lyricist based in Hong Kong.

At the age of 16, Fung was introduced by friends to Hong Kong composer Chan Kwong-wing. She then started her career working back stage in Chan's workshop. In year 2000, she joined Chan's newly founded studio Click Music. Since then, Fung produced more than 200 pieces of advertisement music. She also worked as a backing singer and demo singer for various artists, and as a vocal producer for movies including the Infernal Affairs trilogy, Initial D, Daisy, The Warlords, and several DreamWorks animations.

In 2003, Fung was commissioned to sing the theme English song "Proud of You" for a real estate advertisement, the song was later re-written into the Cantonese song "My Pride", performed by Joey Yung, released in her 2003 album, and achieved critical acclaim and commercial success. Fung also sang "Shining Friends", the theme song of TVB television series "Hearts of Fencing" and "Find your love", the theme song of the series sequel "Sunshine Heartbeat". "Proud of You" and "Shining Friends" were included in the album "TV Magic". Another song written and sung by her, "Forever Friends", was also included in the album "True Colors".

Fung joined the music company Sony Music in 2008, debuting with her first personal album "A Little Love". In 2010, she released her second album "Sweet Melody".